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128 Market Street is a small decor and stationery brand focused on resin art and charming and adventurous paper goods.

128 Market Street is based in the historic fishing and farming village of Ladner, which is located 20 minutes south of Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Hi there, I'm Sandra, the founder and owner of 128 Market Street. Nice to meet you!

As a lifelong artist, I started designing custom wood signs and paintings in 2015 to fuel my never-sleeping creative spirit and to fund my ever-growing stash of art supplies.  Every design started as a sketch or a small painting, and I soon realized that I loved the little pieces of work more than the large ones as they were perfectly suited for handwritten notes.

Inspired by my love of paper, I now design, illustrate and paint greeting cards.

Recently, I discovered resin art, and have become completely smitten with the process. As you will see when you read about my shop name (right below this bit!), I'm a woman who always has to be near the water so my transition to creating resin ocean art was a natural one.

Todd, my husband and best friend, is a woodworker who has an incredible eye for design and architecture. He is the braun behind each of our handcrafted charcuterie boards - he helps select wood, and then he mills, cuts, sands and gets each board ready for me to create a resin ocean. We're a pretty good team!


I'm often asked what the name "128 Market Street" means, and it's so much more than a random choice of numbers and words.

I was born and raised around oceans, lakes and rivers, and I would one day love to live in a lake front home (in a "lake house").

On the business end of things, the thought of opening a brick and mortar store makes my heart soar. As a child, I pretended to be a shopkeeper, and I designed and decorated small shops and invited my friends to come in and browse. To be a shopkeeper now would be a wonderful thing, and I hope to one day open a little artisan shop, fill it with handcrafted items and create an environment that people will simply want to be in.

The letter L is for "lake", and is number 12 in the alphabet.

The letter H is for "house", and is number 8 in the alphabet.

And Market Street? Well, I envision my little shop being on a street full of market-style storefronts where you would go not only for shopping, but for the experience of being in a place filled with creativity, beauty and peace.

It is these things that I've based my brand on.

128 Market Street is adventurous and charming. It is filled with lots of shiplap, old brick, reclaimed wood and beautiful things.

Oh, and a dog. There must always be a dog.