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Resin Care

Each charcuterie board is poured with table top epoxy resin, which when cured, is extremely hard and durable. However, please avoid cutting on the resin as a sharp knife may score the surface. The boards are safe for food display.

And while the sunlight will make the resin ocean of your board sing, please do not leave in direct sunlight for extended times as the UV will cause the colours to fade over time. 


Hand wash only. Please do not let the board soak, but it's okay to wipe down with soap and water and then hand dry!

If the resin is difficult to clean (from something like food grease), wipe with vinegar or a commercial window cleaner to remove the marks, and then hand wash.

Condition the wood as needed with bees wax and/or food grade mineral oil. I use a commercial butcher block wood conditioner that is a combination of the two, and similar products are available at most home retail stores. Buff in with a soft cloth to restore the sheen of the wood.