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Jesmonite Care


Jesmonite is a water-based acrylic resin imported from the United Kingdom. It is lighter than stone or concrete, yet yields a strong and ruable final product.

Each piece is cast by hand with careful attention to detail. No two pieces are the same, so you can be guaranteed to own a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art.


Each piece is sealed with concrete wax to create a water resistant barrier to protect against spills. Please wipe up dark liquids like red wine immediately to prevent staining.

Wipe with a soft cloth to clean, and please don't place in the dishwasher. Buff with a little bees wax to return the luster if required.

"Jesmonite materials are non-solvent and contain zero VOCs, however, please be aware that we have not tested any Jesmonite products for food safety. Jesmonite material solutions can be used for decorative table ware; however, we would not recommend you place food or liquids onto the finished Jesmonite products."